Integrated Dynasty Estate Planning

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When I Talk People Out Of Asset Protection

Rick Durfee explains when asset protection might not be what people need when meeting for their estate plan and planning for something with more impact.

How Dynasty Estate Planning Protects Generational Wealth

How Dynasty Estate Plans SAVE Generational Wealth | Does your estate plan deal with multi-generational transitions? Dynasty Planning, or Dynasty Estate Plans are much more than your average plans because they deal with the issues that come with generational transitions. Break the 3-generation wealth cycle and make your plan strong.

Avoiding Litigation with Dynasty Estate Planning

Attorney Rick Durfee Discusses Avoiding Litigation with Dynasty Estate Planning

A Family Bank Gone Bad

Rick Durfee, Senior Attorney at Durfee Law Group, explains how a family bank can go bad.

Why Single Member LLC's Are A Bad Idea

Rick Durfee, Senior Attorney at Durfee Law Group, explains why member managed LLC's are a bad idea.

What Sets Durfee Law Apart?

Fortifying  Families for Generations

At Durfee Law Group, we focus on helping our clients structure their estates to be a blessing for generations to come. Too often, an inheritance ends up being a painful or destructive burden. It is not just what the family does with the wealth. It is what the wealth does to the family. Let us help you avoid the common pitfalls.

Healthy Relationships

When families have a healthy relationship with wealth, the family thrives and the wealth grows and prospers. That is what it means to create a “dynasty” or Dynasty Estate Planning. The path to a family dynasty may be narrow, but it is well worn. We have helped guide many families in their journey. We are very familiar with the rough patches along the way. We can help you.

Wealth Is Like Water

Dynasty Estate Planning is our niche. Typical “estate plans” focus on events surrounding death. The wealth hits beneficiaries like a flood when a dam breaks. They get wet, once, but the water (or the wealth) moves on, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. With Dynasty Planning, wealth can flow through your family like a stream. Each generation receives water in turn. The stream also grows as each generation contributes.

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We've literally saved our clients billions and billions of dollars in estate taxes. Our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience in Dynasty Planning and Estate Planning. We work to provide families and business owners with structured estate plans that include risk management, tax savings and wealth preservation for generations.