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November 21, 2017
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December 2, 2017
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Basic Documents

Basic Documents

Basic Documents – Legal Services are the foundation of all Estate Planning.  With few exceptions, everyone over the age of 18 should implement these documents.  Such Basic Documents designate emergency medical and legal decision makers.  Implementing Basic Documents is a key element of “proactive law” – where solutions are put in place before trouble arises.  Basic Documents have a shelf life of roughly five years.  While they may be effective for longer than that, it has been our experience that if they get stale it can cause problems.  The laws regarding Basic Documents are continually evolving.  The more change we have in our lives and families, the more critical updates become.

Preparing Basic Documents – Legal Services, whether new documents or updating existing ones, will generally include the following:

Basic Documents

  • Attorney time for Consultation and Selection of Decision Makers and other material options
  • Last Will and Testament (pour over to Trust where a Trust is also implemented) (effective in all states)
  • Durable General Power of Attorney (effective in all states)
  • Custodial Letter re: Durable General Power of Attorney
  • Living Will:  “End of Life Care” (effective in all states)
  • Instruction Letter to Physician re: Living Will
  • Medical Power of Attorney (effective in all states) – Durable General Power of Attorney For Health Care, Durable General Power of Attorney For Mental Health, Health Care Proxy, and Medical Directive
  • Statement of Wishes Forms (may be included with Trust)
  • Tangible Personal Property Lists for Special Bequests (may be included with Trust)
  • Wallet Emergency Information Cards
  • Emergency Authorization Documents for Minor Children or Grandchildren
  • Document Location Worksheet
  • Confidential Certificate of After-Death Instructions
  • Educational and instructional articles and support documents
  • The “Harmony Documents”
  • Letters of Instruction and educational articles on Basic Documents
  • Client Original Estate Planning Notebook with Copies of Basic Documents
  • Electronic Copies of Documents in pdf format
  • First Year Safe File Inventory Fee

Basic Documents – Legal Services

This list is subject to change without notice, and the specific details in any client communications related to the particular planning will control over this list.  The Legal Investment for Basic Documents – Legal Services will be as stated in a written Invoice or Quote.  Other documents or services beyond this list may result in additional charges.

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