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The one constant in law is change. Today, the rate of change is accelerating. Only those who adapt will survive. This means more opportunity and more challenge for all of us.

Focus. Our focus is to provide our clients with the legal tools, structures, strategies, and procedures necessary to both “Live Well and Leave a Legacy.” We achieve this aim by combining time-tested experience with creative innovation.

Experience. With significant experience, we publish, speak, and conduct seminars for both clients and other professionals throughout the nation. Our clients tend to be highly successful, positive, intelligent, and their needs range from simple to extremely complex.

Innovation. Some of our innovations include the Preventive Law strategy of minimizing risk before problems occur, the Legal Architecture method of diagraming complex client structures, the Integrity Agreement approach to creating harmony in families and businesses, Integrated Planning to work with your advisory team to correlate all your business, tax, estate, asset protection, and charitable planning, and Dynasty Planning solutions so that multi-generation wealth succession will be a blessing rather than a curse.

Solutions that Count. We expect to actually solve problems for our clients. Our goal is to empower our clients to self-determination, not to encumber them with dependency. As a result, over time the value of our services increase while the cost goes down.

Win-Win. We expect to work with our clients over the long haul. That means the benefits from our services must be worth the legal investment. We will not take on a client unless the client will save enough time, money or aggravation to be worth the cost.