Who Should Set up My Estate Plan?

Do it Yourself Estate Planning

Sometimes, planning your estate on your own is the best option. If you are young and just starting out in the world with a few assets and more time than money to invest in protecting them, a DIY Estate Plan is a good idea. It will teach you about the process and as you learn it will reemphasize the importance of planning for your and your family’s future.

Hiring a Lawyer to handle Your Estate Plan

Just like car repairs, there is a time when doing the job yourself is expedient. You can spend some time figuring out what the problem is, finding the parts and making the repairs yourself. A $300.00 problem can be resolved for $75.00 and 5 hours on a Tuesday night (9pm to 2am). As you get older and your time and sleep become more valuable to you than the money a repair would cost, taking the car in becomes a better option.

As your assets increase and diversify and as the laws continue to change it becomes harder to be sure that you’re acting in your own best interest with your DIY Estate Plan.

Having a dedicated professional helping you protect your assets is a better use of your time and money. Not only will you have more time for the things that really matter, you will be able to enjoy that time because you won’t spend it worrying about your family’s future.