Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a vital step in protecting your family’s future. We can lay out your assets and arrange them to benefit you and your beneficiaries after your passing. Depending on your current holdings, you may find that getting started on your own would be more prudent, but the more assets you hold the more complicated managing them and passing them on become.

Charitable Planning

The Entrepreneurial spirit that built this country and made it great. “The American Dream” is possible to everyone in this country, regardless of their background or social status when they start out, but almost as a rule, those who have bootstrapped and made a name and reputation for themselves contribute heavily to charities.

Business and Tax Planning

In a well engineered Integrated Estate Plan, every aspect of your estate is prepared in advance. At Durfee Law Group, that includes setting up your business entities and figuring out how they will be disbursed and taxed. With the right plan, we are able to minimize your tax liability and protect your business for generations.