Client Resources

These client resources are designed to help you maximize the value of your legal planning.  These client resources will help you learn more and understand better.  More importantly, they will help you know what to do.  Legal planning is a team effort.  If you don’t do your part, the value of your investment will be diluted.  We are providing these client resources to provide on-going help after and beyond our in-person meetings.

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Estate Notebook

What is in my Estate Planning Notebook?  Your Estate Notebooks will contain documents specific to you.  This means each notebook may contain different documents.  Your Notebook also has helpful articles about each of the documents it contains.  Sometimes that is not enough, or a reminder is helpful.

This is a list of most items typically found in an Estate Planning Notebook, with links to articles and videos that provide helpful explanations, instructions, and reminders for why you did your estate plan and what you need to do to take full advantage of it.

1. Instructions & Action Items.
2. Legal Architectural Diagram.
3. Trust.  Types of Trusts.  What is a Trust.  Jurisdiction Independent Trust.
4. Schedule of Trustees.
5. Schedule of Special Beneficiaries.
6. Schedule of Primary Beneficiaries.
7. Schedule of Secondary Beneficiary.
8. Schedule of Assets.  Community Property.
9. Funding Documents.
10. Schedule of Tangible Personal Property.
11. Schedule of Grantor’s Wishes.  Statements of Wishes Article.
12. Schedule of Protector.  Dynasty Planning vs. Estate Planning.
13. Certificate of Trust Power and Authority.
14. Schedule of Advisors.
15. Integrity Agreement.  Preventing Litigation.
16. Confidentiality Agreement.
17. Notices of Gift.
18. The Last Will and Testament.  Read Article re: Advantages of Last Will.  Fun Video When Things Go Wrong.
19. Custodial Letter.
20. Durable General Power of Attorney.
21. Living Will.
22. Health Care Power of Attorney and Medical Directive.  Read Article.
23. Tangible Personal Property Inventory.
24. Statement of Wishes.  Read Article.
25. Schedule of Advisors.
26. Confidentiality Agreement.
27. Confidential After Death Instructions.
28. After Death Checklist.
29. Minor Children Temporary Custody Form.  Download Free Document.
30. Medical Emergency Information Wallet Cards.
31. Records and Data Location Worksheet.  Download Free Document.
32. Retirement Account Beneficiary Designation Forms.  Legacy IRA Act.  Qualified Charitable Distributions.  Tax Free IRA.
33. Safe File Inventory.
34. Pedigree Chart. Your link between the future and the past.  Download Document.