February 15, 2016
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The opportunity for preparation is lost once the crisis has begun. It is vital to have certain legal and medical emergency documents in place before you need them, so that when you need them, you are ready. This list is a resource you can use to identify for yourself what emergency documents you and your family will need. There are five specific things you can do to prepare your emergency documents so that you will not fear.
September 5, 2014
What is a Trust?

What is a Trust?

What is a Trust? Trust Definition:  What is a Trust?  A Trust is a contract that controls property.  A Trust has three parties.  First, there is the party who creates the trust.  This party is typically called a “Grantor.”  This party may also be called a  “Settlor” or “Trust Maker” or “Trustor.”   Second, there […]